You can consider donating if you want to support @termux development, encourage us to bring more features/packages and help pay hosting costs for our sites and additional packages repositories and mirrors, pay testing devices costs, etc.

We are currently using github actions for building and uploading packages to our repositories hosted by FossHost. Thanks to this, the main infrastructure does not incur any costs for individual developers.

Donating to us will show your appreciation and help support the work (as in development or maintenance) of the various members and contributors. Even a small amount (for a cup of coffee) is greatly appreciated. Look at the git history and repository statistics (termux-packages, termux-app) to see all the people that have put time and effort into the packages and apps. Many of these people are outside contributors and not part of the @termux team, but should be supported as well. You can also check out CODEOWNERS for the termux-packages if you want to support the maintenance of specific packages.

Note for @termux maintainers: Feel free to add/update/delete your donation links on site source.